Sunday, December 22, 2013

I Love Shirt Dresses

The shirt shift dress is a staple in my closet. I have this one from the Gap that I thrifted two years ago that is constantly in my work wardrobe rotation. I pair them with a simple skinny belt and some modest heels and it is a timeless business casual outfit. On occasion I will even dress up the plain ol' dress with a scarf to give it a little vintage flair.

When I'm thrifting or going through vintage shops, a simple shirt dress will always catch my eye. So during my rummage yesterday, I was so excited to find two (well three, but I'm keeping one for myself. Like I said, I can't resist!) great shift/shirt style dresses. I've listed them in the shop this afternoon.

This one is perfect for the vintage lover with an office job. It's navy blue with a cute little scarf. I would pair it with a yellow skinny belt to add even more punches of color.

This one is so vibrant that it just needs to be worn on a sunny day. It's technically a "dorm shirt" which may translate into a "sleep shirt" but I think it is too fabulous for bedtime. Although it is lightweight, I think that it can easily be worn out on a regular basis.

In addition to these groovy shirt dresses, I've also added a couple of items that I collected a while ago.

I'm gearing up this week to go on vacation to visit my family for the Christmas holiday. I'm so thankful that my journey is from California to Florida and that I can wear my sundresses year round. I definitely do not miss the white Christmases from growing up in Ohio. 

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